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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Presidential Search Discussion

Ascension of Our Lloyd Into Heaven

Now the Great Man has left us, but hasn't really left us, we must pay heed to the future leader.  Comments and questions?  Now is the time, and here, the place. 


Anonymous said...

Let's hope Jacobs is never enshrined in the name of a building on this campus. In fact, let's do more than hope: let's make a pact that we will never allow Jacobs' name to be placed on anything, except a dustbin.

Anonymous said...

Back in my day we used urinals to honor our favorite people. It made voiding one's bladder a much more satisfying experience. Every building on campus should have at least one with Jake's name on it. It's only fitting....

Anonymous said...

This picture is kinda scary. I hope he is not resurrected in the new president.

I keep checking my email of Friday's at 4:45 for the announcement that he is officially gone and that an interim has been hired.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:47. That announcement won't come till every mother's child still eligible for a Huntington bank loan to pay for Fall 2014 tuition (plus "fees") at UT has been cajoled, collared, corralled and branded.

Anonymous said...

9:18am raises an interesting point: why is someone from Huntington Bank which does business with UT allowed on the board? Why is someone from Medical Mutual which administers one of our health care plans allowed to be a trustee on our Board? Why are such conflicts of interest tolerated?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:18am: It may happen sooner than that! The entire Board of Trustees is having a "Special" Meeting tomorrow, June 5th. And there is only ONE agenda item. Look for yourself:

Anonymous said...

I know there's a BOT member from Huntington Bank. Yes, they've put ATM's and branches on campus. Yes they are funding some small program, the details of which escape me at the moment. People, in the overall scheme of thing this doesn't even rise to trivial, and I am as anti-capitalist as they come. They are providing us (faculty and students alike) with a service. Poll the campus, I'm sure almost everyone agrees that having a bank presence on campus is a good thing.

The GOP and its Fox mouthpiece criticize Obama for everything he does. If he does X they scream he should have done Y. If he does Y they scream he should have done X. Any action, statement, etc. is dealt with immediate rejection and scorn. Sadly, I see many of the good people on this blog doing the same with Jacobs and his cronies. I agree he is awful, but let's focus on our attention one a few key issues. It will make our arguments more credible.

Since the Horton era, and possibly earlier, the faculty role on this campus has been declining. I feel a partial reason for this is because the faculty have been divided by the various administration. Divide by ultimately meaningless differences. Much like religion, race, ethnicity, etc. divide people in many societies from uniting for common goals, the UT faculty is divided by other artificial distinctions or uniqueness.

My plea to the faculty is to unite. Quickly identify the key issues, focus the conversation, speak with a united voice. United we have a chance, divided we are doomed--and they are counting on it.

Anonymous said...

Board met at noon. Any news? Is the wicked witch dead?

Will they ring the tower bells?

Anonymous said...

Faculty Senate Writes:

Dear Colleagues,

It is a dynamic time for our university as we transition to a new president and new administrative team. The Faculty Senate Executive Committee (FSEC) is asking that all faculty begin to think about and focus on new directions for our university. During this transition period it is important to make certain that correct, up-to-date information is disseminated to the university and Toledo communities --- and that the content of rumors be either verified or invalidated.

To ensure that we all have the same, correct information about this transition, your FSEC will provide email up-dates containing new information or announcements. We ask that you take an active role in this process by informing us of rumors so we may verify or invalidate.

If you have questions about the transition or if you have a rumor you wish us to investigate, please contact the FSEC through email ( or phone (419.530.2112), or simply talk with an Executive Committee member listed below.

Best regards,

Karen Hoblet, President
AY2014-15 Faculty Senate

AY2014-15 Faculty Senate Executive Committee
Karen Hoblet, President
Kristen Keith, Vice President
Mike Dowd
Lucy Duhon
Mary Humphrys
Scott Molitor
Marlene Porter
Linda Rouillard
Fred Williams

Anonymous said...

"Who you gonna call? Rumormongerbusters!"

Mike Dowd, Scott Molitor, Fred Williams and other members of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee reprise the roles and comic misadventures of that wacky trio of eccentric entrepreneurs whose enterprise is beating the bushes for pesky shape-shifting rumormongers in league with the Devil ... .

And so it begins, this presidential search, with a lame-duck administration's orchestration of a conspiracy of silence. If this menacing message by so-called "faculty leaders" (who for the most part hold administrative positions) is intended intimidate a robust faculty critique of the search process as it proceeds, it is naïve. Common Biblical wisdom reveals the folly of the silence of the lambs and the silence of sheep:

“He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth; like a lamb that is led to the slaughter, and like a sheep that before its shearers is silent, so he opened not his mouth” – Isaiah 53:7.

A robust faculty critique includes senior faculty roaring like lions and taking rumors seriously to the extent they represent the vernacular voice of the oppressed suffering under the tyranny of oligarchs.

If the FSXC wants to monitor rumors, fine. To conspire to forbid them during this important presidential search is suppressing freedom of faculty speech on a state public university campus.

Anonymous said...

Here’s a question that the Faculty Senate super sleuths can tackle.

We all had to hold our noses last October as we learned that the antics of that loveable, collegial group known as the doctoral clinical psychology program faculty had put the program in bad odor with its accrediting body, the American Psychology Association.

What steps have been taken to ensure that a more scented fragrance is being emitted these days from the ground floor of University Hall?

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, down at FSU:

"On Wednesday, the university’s Faculty Senate voted no confidence in R. William Funk, who is leading Florida State’s controversial search for a new president. Funk is head of Texas-based R. William Funk and Associates, which has placed presidents at some of the nation’s largest and most prestigious universities.

The vote of displeasure may be the first of its kind by faculty in a search firm. If faculty elsewhere adopt the tactic, the spread of no confidence votes could further complicate presidential searches."

Read more here (and be sure to read the comments to this article):

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I'm taking a little time off. When I get back i hope to have a new president. See what you folks can do, ok?

It would be nice to have some pride in our institution again.

Anonymous said...

I also long to feel proud of UT, but I fear that that will be impossible as long as our trustees only see this campus as ripe for plundering. Who knows what other "Rick Stansley" sits on that board. Trustees appointed by governors for their political contributions and connections do not believe that they need to leave their conflicts of interest at the door. Our trustees do not practice stewardship. Instead, they are guided by greed, self-interest, and self-promotion.

Anonymous said...


"The no-confidence vote by Florida State faculty seems to have worked. If faculty elsewhere adopt the idea, the spread of no-confidence votes could further complicate presidential searches."

Read more:
Inside Higher Ed

Anonymous said...

"We all had to hold our noses last October as we learned that the antics of that loveable, collegial group known as the doctoral clinical psychology program faculty had put the program in bad odor with its accrediting body, the American Psychology Association.

What steps have been taken to ensure that a more scented fragrance is being emitted these days from the ground floor of University Hall?"

June 7, 2014 at 8:14 AM"

Don't believe everything you hear Sir/Madame June 7, 8:14

What happened in the doctoral clinical psychology program is a travesty created by the administration. The Dean and other administration cronies blundered then blamed the faculty for "infighting." How much money did the jacob's admin spend to clean up THEIR mistakes? How many careers did THEY tarnish and who was scapegoated?

This administration and Dean continue to destroy our university. They are reckless. The students and community deserve better! Godspeed!

Don't give up faculty, be vocal!

Anonymous said...

I hear that Jesus lawyered up.

Anonymous said...

The doctoral clinical psychology program was subject to an extensive accreditation review and report that included interviews with faculty and students that revealed long standing disputes that were impacting students, it was a situation created by the faculty and had existed for many years and was well known in the college. The various administrations over the last decade may have avoided it and recently not helped the situation, but lets be clear it was a issue created by the faculty and under threat of losing their accreditation they resolved to address the concerns leading to a positive follow-up review.

Anonymous said...

Pray tell how? And to what endgame?