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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

El Supremo Craps Out

FYI From LLSS Council:

The results of the college-wide vote on adding the "supremacy" clause and on adding the "delegation" clause to the Constitution of the Faculty of the College of Languages, Literature and Social Sciences are in.  A two-thirds majority voting in the affirmative is required for an amendment to pass. Each of the proposed amendments was defeated by a very large margin.

Add the Supremacy Clause to the Constitution?
Yes – 18
No – 39
The measure failed to pass.

Add the Delegation Clause to the Constitution?
Yes – 18
No – 44
The measure failed to pass.


Anonymous said...

"How do you dare stupid little faculty to contradict my holy pronouncements? I will smash you like maggots"
El Gordo a.k.a. JL.

Anonymous said...

when are we going to see results from Faculty Senate resolution of the same since that voting also closed recently??

Anonymous said...

So is the issue laid permanently to rest now or will there be a Round 2... and 3...?

Anonymous said...

re earlier post re Blade salary database

it's still there - what are u talking about?

Anonymous said...

It strikes me that the BoT and the President has caused the faculty to identify themselves with a group that will defend its rights, ethics, functions and calling, and a group that will not. If BoT continues with this nonsense (there is no reason to believe otherwise at this point) a faculty strike is the inevitable outcome. Thus the vote is an approximate representation of those that will strike and those that will not. I wish you well but I foresee a struggle that may be more like the struggle of the Air traffic controllers of the Reagan years than like labor disputes of yester years.

Anonymous said...

Stay strong, faculty. You can outlast this scumbag.

Anonymous said...

The future of higher ed in Ohio will be decided in the next rounds of state elections, culminating in the gubernatorial election.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The Chronicle has El Gordo listed as the 55th highest paid university president in the US. Seem reasonable?

Anonymous said...

just series of posts intended as a diversion from the real issues facing higher education: budget cuts from state support, increased growth and control given to administrators, corporate takeover, political interference with programs and courses, underprepared direct from high school students, over assessment, rise of for profit online colleges, the mess that are MOOCs, etc.....

None of those posts are any evidence of the challenges facing higher education as none get to the issues of higher student debit, higher unemployment for graduates, cut in staff, faculty and services that students pay for, none address the financial crisis faced as state governments have systematically targeted K12 and colleges for extensive budget cuts over the last several years.

Anonymous said...

The votes have also been counted on the proposed supremacy clause being added to the Faculty Senate Constitution.

"243 votes were cast: 96 approved and 147 disapproved. Therefore, the
proposed amendments did not pass."

Anonymous said...

Bloggie, did you see this? Of course, nothing was mentioned by the Blade or the University about the fact that a Huntington Bank executive, Sharon Speyer, sits on the Board of Trustees. Question: is the bank paying a market based rent for the new location?

Anonymous said...

I agree. This looks bad. Jacobs Inc. just sails on oblivious against all common sense and ethical headwinds. Ship of Fools ...

Anonymous said...

Sorry for going off topic -- Does anyone know where I could find a jpeg or whatever of the old UT logo? The one with the Spanish slogan that might have led people to think of us as a legitimate institution of higher learning?

Anonymous said...

The resolution to revise the Constitution of Graduate Council to include the new clauses was also voted down, which were also declined by the College of Business and College of Natural Sciences and Math...

now the only question is whether..

"his wrath will be terrible, his retribution swift"

and then if so how will the faculty respond

Anonymous said...

Jacobs could decide to dissolve the offending governance bodies, but that will just add to the list of grievances that faculty could stike over. I was disappointed that faculty senate didn't take a vote of no-confidence before the end of the semester, but this will simply give Jacobs more time to do more offensive stuff. The faculty are watching, even during the summer!

jackthegroper said...

Meanwhile we can all practice the new ICare "10-5-2-screw" Rule. It's a Brave New World at the University of Toledo, but it does have its moments.

Anonymous said...

It won't be Jacobs to dissolve the offending bodies, but the BOT, in which case there is no grievance that can be filed successfully, I think.

Anonymous said...

The failures of the takeover clauses by consistently wide margins are, in my opinion, a de facto vote of no confidence. So what happens next?

Anonymous said...

Oh they are watching alright, and doing nothing. get it? If a decade goes by and many people are hurt while faculty watch - will you still call them sentinals?

Anonymous said...

"The Chronicle has El Gordo listed as the 55th highest paid university president in the US. Seem reasonable?"

For getting UT professors (STEM professors) to be listed among the 25 worst in the nation? It sure reads like the direction the self-destruct American capitalist (sorry Texas, I meant "free market") system's new achievement.

UT is a symptom of US economy, someone wrote on this blog some time ago. Surely, you can fuck up like Pryor, Gaboury, Kapoor, and the like and get away with obscene pay raises and bonues. If I were them, I would get out instead of being the target of ridicule, hate, and long-distance spitting...

This country's patricians are selling out US Labor piece by piece and using off-shore accounts to save their hides when the US is ready to go down the toilet. And servicemen have died by the millions to defend these patricians' way of life (not theirs!)... just remember them on Memorial Day because once these patricians have their way, they will abolish weekends, holidays, and vacations, and we will start working like millions in east and southeast Asia. Hey, did I mention the return of indentured slavery? Keep your businesses with Huntington, and you shall see your once glorious capitalism going down the drain.

Although I sure as hell would not want to see communists gain ground, but they would have pointed this out to you a long time ago, and we would have denounced such "red" propaganda in the name of freedom of speech, thinking, assembly, and the right to bear arms...well, selectively as some right-wingers envision it.

a science educator said...

Anonymous 12:34: I agree with 95 percent of what you say, but please provide evidence that the result is specifically the fault of STEM professors.

Anonymous said...

"El Gordo Supremo craps out"

Crap in (at Crony Island) --> Crap out (so now he is competing with The Blade)