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Monday, February 11, 2013

Infallible Leader Resigns

Dare we hope,
Ours do as the Pope?


Anonymous said...

So why hasn't O'Brien been terminated yet? First it was the point shaving scandal and now a sexual predator on his staff for over a decade. Where is the supervision? Not sure what has brought more shame and negative public attention to UT, our illustrious hospital or our idiotic athletic program.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Pope Jacobs gives no evidence of being aware of how his limitations short-change UT. I believe he has mistaken his incomprehension for infallibility.

Anonymous said...

In today's Collegian, some student by the name of Paulette Bongratz is quoted: "The faculty has already accepted the workload changes."


Anonymous said...

The difference is someone who serves others and someone who serves himself.

Anonymous said...

Paulette Bongratz is the student government president.

Anonymous said...

You cannot go by what the bubble gum journalism that the IC churns out. What did you expect: they are the future Toledo Blade, BOT, and other UT administrator hopefuls wearing those cheesy UT bow ties.

As for Pope Jacobicus I (and hopefully Last), refer to the discussion on medievalism in the other threads. UT is not 600 years old yet, so he will not resign any time soon.

The same dilemma though: the Pope implanted all those conservative cardinals as potential successors, and Jacobs built his empire with 20 some more lapdog loyalist administrators. We can see the medieval style inbreeding revitalized in modern context that evidently favors the far right: nobility+church vs. peasants/
administration+BOT vs. faculty -- now it would be a false dichotomy if you compare them just on the basis of intellect, but a true dichotomy if you look at political alliances. Neither power system tolerates real intellectuals.

This is a warfare on academic freedom, intellectualism, and independent thought.

Anonymous said...

Time for a vote of no-confidence in Jacobs and the BOT. Jacobs has been depleting the coffers of the academic enterprise to prop up the hospital, and the BOT have been playing monkey see-nothing, hear-nothing, say-nothing and do-nothing.They gotta go.

Anonymous said...

Definitely agreed about vote of no-confidence! In fact, UT will not need to wait another 500 years to see a UT administrator step down. UT's Bastille Day should be much sooner. Let's celebrate with the French on July 14!

A symbolic "decapitation" would mean that those greedy thugs in UT Administration and BOT would see themselves separated form their power and influence over education, academia, and intellectual freedom.

Anonymous said...

You cannot go by what the bubble gum journalism that the IC churns out. //

Oh, did Paulette Bongratz not actually say that?

Bloggie said...

Do you think that the The Blade chews gum, too?

Anonymous said...

"Oh, did Paulette Bongratz not actually say that?"

The comment was not made about Paulette but about the IC (it is no longer the independent voice it used to be...). You can use your position to say anything, but if the IC decides to publish it, both are parties to mass deception. Obviously, the statement did not reflect the truth, and just because it comes down in a paper, it does not turn a privileged statement (from the SG president) into truth. There is a difference -- wake up!

As for the Blade, it needs to bring attention more explicitly to the UT administratorial excesses, BOT cronyism, and anything that it has been failing to inform Toledo taxpayers. UT is a mess despite all the dog-and-pony show from these administrators to misinform the public. Surely, you can put a lot of politically aligned misinformation and call it news -- it may just as well be another case of bubble gum journalism.

Anonymous said...

Strongly suggest that people evaluate this proposed policy that strips everyone of budgeting authority except the infallible one and his minions.

The following policy has been added:

Policy Name: Draft 3364-40-01 Budget control
Description: (Minor/technical revision of existing policy) The vice president of finance is designated as the chief fiscal officer for the university. All expenditures must be budgeted each fiscal year prior to being spent. Only the president, subject to board approval, may approve a request to budget funds. Only requests that appear in a unit’s system-loaded budget have been approved. Budget procedures will be issued annually and can be found on the office of budget and planning web site. Revisions to the policy are tracked in the copy posted for comment. This policy will also supersede 3364-40-02 Budget amendment policy.
Scope: This policy applies to all University of Toledo campuses
Comment Period: February 19, 2013 – March 21, 2013
Comment on this policy: 3364-40-01

Please direct any comments or questions regarding the policies posted for comment to or click on the icon under “comment on this policy.” Please state the name of the policy in the subject line. Comments received on the policy will be forwarded to the policy’s responsible agent or agent’s designee.

Anonymous 5:18 said...

That's a good point, Anon 6:40. The IC is playing a CNN-like role here by parroting "all sides of the story" whether or not they have any basis in reality.

This touches on the broader issue of how the pro-university side can make our case better in the media. We don't have the money to hire our own Larry Burns, not that we would want to. Nemeth may have had the right idea with his op-eds a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Anon. 2/19/2013, 8:35 AM (I am starting to get used to these futuristic name)

The difference between CNN and IC is huge. There is space for all perspective. IC belies its own name. "Collegian" should be enough...

I do remember Nemeth's columns: critical and informative.

Anonymous said...

"Strongly suggest that people evaluate this proposed policy that strips everyone of budgeting authority except the infallible one and his minions."

Pope Jacobicus and his minions are the anointed ones; only they can something as sacred as budget. All ye sinners must accept his holiness's divine wisdom otherwise the gargoyles will be after you.

PS: my apologies for some unfortunate typos in my previous message sent hastily and w/o proofreading: 1: "I am starting to get used to these futuristic names" and 2 "There is space for all perspectives"

Anonymous said...

While I do not always agree with the IC, they make an important point today, as well as call Paulette out on the carpet!

Anonymous said...

Another remarkable parallel between the Pope and Lloydie: Both could say farewell in Latin before the conclave (the 26+ UT superadmins + BOT) takes over to cover-up the dirty business of ther respective administrations. If the UT Hall chimney omits black smoke, it means they are burning self-incriminating documents, but if the smoke is colorless (methane), they are simply farting away.