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Monday, August 13, 2012

Same Old Same Old, Part Two to Infinity


Anonymous said...

MacKinnon Hall won't be open to students this year. I guess there were not enough students to justify the cost of its operation which means enrollment is down (significantly?) which means more staffing and faculty and departmental cuts in the offing to make up for the tuition shortfall and I'm sure the decreased enrollment will be used as leverage in the contract negotiations. Regardless, we will see more admin positions created, admin contracts, i.e. "bonuses" will be honored, same old same old indeed. When enrollment went up the admins championed this as their great achievement. Now that it's down?

Anonymous said...

Every faculty member in the humanities should apply for position of Executive Director of UTMC if and when it is posted. A typical Engligh prof is about as qualified to run a hospital as a finance flunky is to be Provst.

Then again...People deserve whatever government (or in this case leadership) they are willing to put up with.

Anonymous said...

" When enrollment went up the admins championed this as their great achievement. Now that it's down?"

What did you expect: democracy? As you may have read elsewhere, UT is just a microcosm of what is going on nationally: micro-feudalist enclaves with their dictators and their a$$wipes dominate the corporate landscape, during good or bad times.

Just like in Medieval Europe: both king and church prospered while the poor folks suffered. The Jacobs regime represents the devolution of American society to medieval times in which there was no United States. Hey, we are finally catching up with Europe...all we need now, is Robin Hood! Maybe Paul Ryan...

Anonymous said...

"Then again...People deserve whatever government (or in this case leadership) they are willing to put up with."

Then again...there is no leadership in our leadership. It has devolved (read: rotted) to the level of dictatorship, and this regime enjoys the fruits of mass disaffection, lack of morale, lack of solidarity, and any civil society traits that might otherwise discourage thugs like Lloydie, Goldie, and the Scarry to thrive.

Big bonuses for thugs, a$$wipes, etc. Big media parade for STEMM researchers in UT News for bringing in the big money, and open doors for the useless humanities and social sciences folks values are aligned with truth and conscience, and not really translatable into dollar figures. They are the bottom feeders and outcasts along with our fellow faculty in the library.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many external candidates were offered the provost position but didn't want to have anything to do with this place. Would you?

Anonymous said...

Are you crazy thinking external offers were made? That is delusional thinking which, if continued, denies the reality of the administrtaion's intention from the get-go. The intention is complete control as defined by the medical model. Figure it out, quit hiding from it.

Anonymous said...

Re Pryor and other academic hypocrites, imposters and posers from earlier post:

Have their checks calculated in units of postmodern theoretical currency and issued in photocopied legal tender notes signed by Walter Benjamin with a photo of Karl Marx and a seal stamped “In Derrida We Trust”.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed.

Those bogus photocopied PoMo Bucks would "represent" about as much value as the bogus photocopied PoMo degrees the PoMo Profs have been passing off to their poor unwitting students for years.

And rather than being paid in "oppressive" "linear" "patriarchal" hard currency, the PoMo Profs could find comfort in knowing they were receiving appropriately deconstructed compensation for their postmodern pedagogy and profound "ideas".

Anonymous said...

According to my Dean, Ben Pryor (who the hellis he?) is requiring syllabi to be posted on the web. I own my syllabi and by contract, I have copyright to it. He can not tell me where and when to publish it! The syllabi is between me and my students.

More faculty need to object to these unreasonable demands or we lose more of our academic freedom.

Anonymous said...


August 13, 2012
From: Ben Pryor
To: College Deans
Re: Syllabus Availability via Blackboard
Cc: Dr. William McMillen, Provost
Every course in our schedule has a Blackboard “shell”. Many faculty use this course
site to teach, but some do not. And of course, Blackboard is the default learning
management system for all courses in “UT Online.”
This summer, the Provost urged me to find a way to make all syllabuses for all UT
courses available online. Blackboard is our solution. By making a “space” in
Blackboard available to anyone, even prospective students without a UT I.D., we can
now publish course syllabuses.
Faculty can find information about how to use the “public space” in Blackboard on our
website and the LV “blog.” They can also contact us at their convenience for help with
uploading and making available a syllabus or any other document (copyright protections
in place, of course).
All classes at UT must have a syllabus publicly available by the beginning of classes
this fall. I would ask that chairs or associate deans report to me the classes that have
syllabuses available so I can report this information to the Provost. To report this
1. Download an excel spreadsheet listing all courses and sections offered in the
2. Determine whether each course has a syllabus available on Blackboard’s
public space (excluding independent studies and other similar courses).
3. If the answer is no, determine whether the issue is technical in nature. We will
help to resolve technical issues.
I will generate a report on Monday, August 20.
Please contact Learning Ventures or John Gaboury if you have any questions about
how to use the public space or how to upload a syllabus.

Anonymous said...

Save the World on Your Own Time

Even the PoMo Poster Boy himself, Stanley Fish, agrees there is no place for political bias or political or social activism in the college lecture hall.

Fish is a former Duke University English prof widely recognized as a leading 80’s deconstructionist and postmodern literary theorist.

He was at the center of the Sokal Hoax/Social Text fiasco some years back, which was largely responsible for revealing the fact that the PoMo King has no clothes – see “Fashionable Nonsense: Postmodern Intellectuals’ Abuse of Science”.

Fish has incidentally since then written a number of repentant works and has made great efforts in more recent decades to try to distance himself from the Anything Goes Academic Jazz Age of 1980’s and 1990’s Postmodern Theory and PoMo Mania.

Naturally, it has taken some twenty-plus years for the news that “The PoMo King is dead” to make it’s way by academic foot courier and sailing vessel to the distant and remote lands of the Ivory Towers of Academe, and thence through the dark impenetrable jungles of academic careerism and up the steep and narrow mountain passes of academic freedom and tenure and finally beyond the thick walls of humanities department castle keeps and through the iron gates of professorial ego and finally into the hands of the PoMo profs… who are still at liberty to simply refuse to open the communiqué if they so choose.

In his recent book “Save the World on Your Own Time” (2012) Fish rightly enjoins professors to “do your job” i.e. teach – not proselytize (overtly or covertly).

And claiming to be “unbiased” while having a course syllabus jammed only with all dogmatic Marxist feminist postmodern theory, topics, assignments and readings constitutes precisely the sort of propaganda promulgating Fish warns against.

“What should be the role of our institutions of higher education? To promote good moral character? To bring an end to racism, sexism, economic oppression, and other social ills? To foster diversity and democracy and produce responsible citizens?

In Save the World on Your Own Time, Stanley Fish argues that, however laudable these goals might be, there is but one proper role for the academe in society: to advance bodies of knowledge and to equip students for doing the same. When teachers offer themselves as moralists, political activists, or agents of social change rather than as credentialed experts in a particular subject and the methods used to analyze it, they abdicate their true purpose.

And yet professors now routinely bring their political views into the classroom and seek to influence the political views of their students. Those who do this will often invoke academic freedom, but Fish suggests that academic freedom, correctly understood, is the freedom to do the academic job, not the freedom to do any job that the professor so chooses. Fish insists that a professor's only obligation is "to present the material in the syllabus and introduce students to state-of-the-art methods of analysis. Not to practice politics, but to study it; not to proselytize for or against religious doctrines, but to describe them; not to affirm or condemn Intelligent Design, but to explain what it is and analyze its appeal.”

From Amazon review/synopsis here:

Anonymous said...

"'Through me the way to the suffering city; Through me the everlasting pain; Through me the way that runs among the Lost. ...Abandon all hope - You Who Enter Here."
I think this is a good description of UT right now :)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:34 a.m.,3:12 p.m., 10:49 a.m., ...

Your shrill lunatic rants against postmodernism are irrelevant to this blogsite and about as welcome to the intellectual intercourse here as bedbugs in a honeymoon suite. Please cease and desist so we can return to our meaningful conversation and get it on.

Anonymous said...

You Go, Stanley

Who could have predicted twenty years ago that of all people Stanley Fish would eventually end up sounding very much like Roger Kimball (Tenured Radicals) and David Horowitz (One Party Classroom).

Hats off to Fish for having the courage and integrity to embrace “change".

Anonymous said...

There are 18,000 undergraduate students at UT, over 200 majors, several hundred courses, and several hundred faculty. Only a few small number of these students, courses and faculty would be involved in any aspects of a postmodernism learning environment, and for the most part the students self select to take those few courses or majors.

So where does the poster arrive at this opinion at UT (and higher education in general) is somehow deeply indoctrinated in postmodernism? As far as I can determine the vast majority of students at UT and other institutions of higher learning in this country are never exposed to postmodernism, and the few that are do so voluntarily by their choices of majors and courses?

Anonymous said...

UT students are indoctrinated in little besides football, Natty Light, and cheezypoofs, as far as I can tell. Forget postmodernism.

Anonymous said...

Water? What water, asked the fish?

Where’s the postmodernism, you ask? Are you serious?

So called "multicultural" and "diversity" identity politics pervades the entire "liberal" "progressive" postmodern PC academy from top to bottom and from sea to shining sea - from discriminatory race and gender and sexual orientation programs privileging women and minorities and LGBT and any and all non-white non-Christian non-western non-Capitalist non-conservative non-American traditions, perspectives cultures and ideologies

– on the basis of sex (female/gay/transgender) and race (non-white) and ethnicity (non-European/western/Judeo-Christian) and religion (non-Christian) and politics (non-conservative) – all of which mandate arbitrary quotas in admissions and grades and graduation rates and job appointments in order to conform to misguided politicized notions of political correctness

– derived form politicized “research” and “studies” that point to the need to arbitrarily remedy things like “under-representation” and “inequality” – to countless other so called "social justice" initiatives, PC Thought Police speech and behavior imperatives at all levels and in all guises… the list goes on and on and on.

And that is all primarily only within the administrative and extra-curricular sphere.

Within the academic disciplines themselves, Marxist feminist postmodernism is the very ground faculty and students walk on and the air they breathe – the very content of the academic programs, courses, reading, writing, speaking and thinking.

Just because you are a fish who has never known any other environment does not mean you are not surrounded by the water of PoMo PC - in academia, popular culture, default mode liberal politics, etc. All studies show overwhelming left-liberal ideological dominance and bias in higher education.

The core curriculum and admissions and academic standards have been decimated and dumbed down and politicized and grades inflated to the default “everyone gets an A for effort” since the 1960's (Hey hey! Ho ho! Western Civ has got to go! Hey hey... etc. etc.) all to appease countless misguided radical leftist political agendas for decades.

The humanities and social sciences have been completely subverted to the Marxist feminist postmodernist agendas and perspectives.

Even the hard sciences have had to twist themselves into politically correct knots trying not to “discriminate” against women or “offend” anyone’s sense of self-esteem or personal or cultural identity.

Not just social and cultural relativism, but even epistemic relativism are demanded of the true PoMo PC believer. Reality itself is forbidden if it is not politically correct.

Just like fundamentalist religion, which demands human beings conform to arbitrary and often absurd and inhumane religious dogmas, prescriptions, behaviors, beliefs and prohibitions – postmodern Marxist feminist PC demands people conform rigidly in thought, speech action to often absurd and inhumane beliefs, behaviors and ideologies – or face being branded sexists, bigots, racists, elitists, fascists etc. etc.

If you want to see the natural culmination of Marxist feminist PoMo PC in action look no further than the pogroms and purges of Stalin, the Cultural Revolution of Mao, the Killing Fields of Pol Pot etc. etc.

You are either being completely disingenuous or astonishingly obtuse - neither of which is a very desirable attribute in an academic.

Anonymous said...

Where's the PoMo? continued

In case you actually care about the reality of these issues and are not simply acting out an assigned role as a liberal shill – like a defense attorney whose job it is to insist O. J. is innocent regardless of the obvious facts and evidence – try reading some of these for starters:

Fashionable Nonsense: Postmodern Intellectuals’ Abuse of Science;

Tenured Radicals: How Politics Has Corrupted Our Higher Education;

One Party Classroom: How radical professors at America’s top colleges indoctrinate students and undermine out democracy;

The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature;

The Death of the West: How dying populations and immigrant invasions imperil our country and civilization;

The True Believer: Thoughts on the nature of mass movements;

Intellectuals and Society;

Liberal Fascism: The secret history of the American left from Mussolini to the politics of meaning.

I hope you will take the time to read some of these books and then ponder these important issues further.

Anonymous said...

Enrollment down 9% across the entire university! Wonderful job Jacobs & Co.
Now look to cut down programs and courses to save money and get the bonuses you deserve!

Anonymous said...

Don't miss "Riding the MOOC wave" in today's Inside Higher Education:

The rapid advent of the MOOCs is a real challenge to UT strategic academic planning. Why? Because UT academic planning that is driven by the profit model CAN'T BEAT FREE. Providing a high quality and diverse educational opportunity for prospective students can make this university competitive again. The present administration should admit their errors and invest in redemption if they want to save this university. Or they can leave -- but with no golden parachutes. We can use that money to fix this place.

If enrollments are down 10%, and with tuition continuint to rise, and with MOOCs rising rapidly above the near horizon, the failure of this administration and its inappropriate business model for higher education is today embarassingly obvious.

Faculty, students, staff and alumni loyal to the venerable traditions of the UT main campus have to set about have to set about themselves to fix what this failed administration has broken.

The professional tenured faculty especially have an obligation to teach this administration or the next one how to manage a successful university. We have seen what fails. Now let's show the world what works!

We can begin by strongly requesting
at least two new main campus faculty seats as voting members of the Board of Trustees.

Anonymous said...


You are quite right. The key is quality and UT can deliver that, but not with the administration we are currently saddled with.

Anonymous said...

Jacobs has hired yet another Medical College crony, and so the failed administrative philosophy of the Med College is even more firmly entrenched now at UT and more emboldened. Enrollment has taken a significant downturn if you do the math from last year and this year. There are contract negotiations underway, after faculty opted to go into hibernation last year and defer the new contract to this year, and these negotiations will be framed by what the admins will argue is a near financial emergency. More program cuts and layoffs and firings and increased loads and increased class sizes and health care contributions and STRS contributions are all going to be enacted or will be on the table. And across the state, university administrations are attacking tenure by arguing it is a way to cut costs and balance budgets. I don't see how any of the vitriol posted about postmodernism engages any of these very real issues facing UT faculty, staff and students. If anything, these clever and witty and narcissistic postings are themselves postmodern (which was itself clever, witty and narcissistic) as they are irrelevant, sophistic and fail to engage any of the real world issues we should all be debating.

Anonymous said...

Jacobs has hired yet another Medical College crony, and so the failed administrative philosophy of the Med College is even more firmly entrenched now at UT and more emboldened. Enrollment has taken a significant downturn if you do the math from last year and this year. There are contract negotiations underway, after faculty opted to go into hibernation last year and defer the new contract to this year, and these negotiations will be framed by what the admins will argue is a near financial emergency. More program cuts and layoffs and firings and increased loads and increased class sizes and health care contributions and STRS contributions are all going to be enacted or will be on the table. And across the state, university administrations are attacking tenure by arguing it is a way to cut costs and balance budgets. I don't see how any of the vitriol posted about postmodernism engages any of these very real issues facing UT faculty, staff and students. If anything, these clever and witty and narcissistic postings are themselves postmodern (which was itself clever, witty and narcissistic) as they are irrelevant, sophistic and fail to engage any of the real world issues we should all be debating.

Anonymous said...

They Know Not What They Do

Let it be stipulated that most liberals, whether academics or otherwise, do indeed mean well.

They have been sold a bill of misguided idealist, do-gooder philosophical and political notions from a very early age – psychologically manipulated by dutiful card-carrying 1950’s-style Commie parents and nurtured and cultivated by liberal peers, society, schools and universities, demagogues, popular culture etc. - in the very same way a used car salesman manipulates a car buyer, or Bernie Madoff manipulated and duped investors.

It is highly doubtful whether even the cream of the liberal crop truly appreciate the fuller implications of what they think they are trying to achieve – i.e. the likes of Obama or Hillary Clinton or even Noam Chomsky (who has astonishingly been guilty of delusional attempts to rationalize the atrocities of the likes of Stalin and Pol Pot).

Like tactical field generals, liberal idealists have little true understanding of the ultimate strategic objectives of their military and political masters.

Need-to-know hierarchical silo organizational structures, ruthless discipline, unquestioning obedience and fanatic loyalty are the only ways to march the masses lemming-like towards any utopian cliff.

Hitler could have never hoped to facilitate his Final Solution if he had openly announced his intentions at a Nuremberg Nazi rally.

The Jews would have resisted to the last man, woman and child, like they did at Masada, rather than be herded like good law abiding citizens bound for the slaughterhouse – and the German people and the German military would have revolted.

Likewise, if Obama and Clinton and Chomsky could be transported Dickens-like into the future by the Orwellian Ghost of Marxist Future Dreams, to witness the true nightmarish nature of the oppressive Marxist “utopia” they are fanatically fighting to engender, and to see the anguish of their demoralized and enslaved children and grandchildren, they would gasp in horror, saying:

“But… but… this is not what we wanted. We thought…

To which the Orwellian Ghost would reply: “It was never about what you wanted or what you thought. You were merely pragmatic utilitarian tools for the unseen Puppet Masters. Your usefulness to the State is done. Great Leader appreciates your efforts and you will be remembered as Heroes of The People.”


Anonymous said...

They Know Not What They Do


Anyone who truly wishes to educate themselves about the dynamics of any totalitarian ideological movement in general (whether right wing or left wing – religious or political) and to understand the dynamics of the contemporary liberal agenda specifically, need only read the following three books:

First read “The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness” (2006) by Dr. Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr., M.D. – a University of Chicago board certified general and forensic psychiatrist.

Rossiter’s book is a serious work grounded in state-of-the art cutting-edge modern psychology and psychiatry and written by a serious academically trained psychiatrist.

Rossiter’s central thesis is simply that radical liberalism represents in essence a manifestation of narcissistic personality disorder, mental illness and mass cult-like delusion – all rationalized, politicized, idealized, intellectualized and writ large – writ very, VERY LARGE (Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Saddam Hussein, et al. – and to a lesser extent the likes of Foucault, Derrida, Chomsky, Nader, etc.)

Understood within the perspective of Jonah Goldberg’s “Liberal Fascism: The Hidden History of the American Left, from Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning” – radical liberalism can be seen as little more than the flip side of Nazi fascism and thus the likes of Hitler and Mussolini can readily be added to the list of narcissistic liberal demagogues, cult leaders and madmen.

If Rossiter’s book were entitled “The Conservative Mind” – it would quickly earn its place in the Borgesian Liberal Library’s Holy of Holies, alongside other primary liberal sacred texts like Marx’s ‘Das Kapital’ and assorted works of Rousseau, Hegel, Nietzsche, Engels, Lenin, Mao, Sartre, Foucault et al.).

Next, read the liberal revolutionary playbook: Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals”.

Alinsky outlines the duplicitous political tactics used by countless leftist political leaders, operatives and organizations – everyone from Bill Ayers, Abbie Hoffmann, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King to Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, Jesse Jackson, ACORN, NOW, Michael Moore, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Alinsky clearly illustrates in step-by-step fashion how to deploy Gandhi-like non-violence and idealist propaganda, media, activism, pseudo-intellectualism and Orwellian doublespeak to mobilize, manipulate and deceive liberal elites and the liberal masses to full effect.

The only real difference between Alinsky’s political tactics and the strong arm tactics used by the likes of Hitler is that Alinsky’s tactics are specifically designed for those who do not yet possess the force of state, police or military power and who must therefore deploy seemingly benign political wolf in sheep’s clothing stealth deception.

Think of it as Kung Fu for political operatives.

Finally, read Eric Hoffer’s “The True Believe: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements.” Hoffer clearly, simply and concisely deconstructs fanatic, idealist Marxist and Fascist totalitarianism.

THEN you will be educated.

Anonymous said...

So what are the faculty going to do about it?

Bloggie said...

Who writes all this stuff???

Anonymous said...

The faculty are going to do what we always do: teach our students well, do our research well and PUSH BACK against an ignorant, selfish, arrogant administration.

Bloggie said...

Now that's talking!

Anonymous said...

9% drop in enrollment?

Fire Ben and the Gang of 12.

Anonymous said...

The author of the above and many other similar tracts is none other than the intrepid 21st century Scarlet Pimpernel himself, Johannes de Silentio.

At your service, Sir.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who use BB, and are following the most current Jacobs inspired controversy (which ranges on any given day from the macro to the micro) you should be aware that the settings on BB starting with the Fall 2012 term at UT allow guest access to your course information. And so, if you don't want to allow guest access you have to change the settings. In all previous semesters, the default was NOT to allow access (this is the default setting on BB). This setting was apparently globally changed sometime prior to the start of this semester and it allows "guests" access to your BB course site and not just the syllabus. To change it, you need to look in the left hand menu under Control Panel/Customization/Guests and Observer Access. You may also trace the history of guest access by checking out out previous semesters. If you look at all of your old courses on BB, you will see the default setting was no guest access.

Anonymous said...

Since Scarlet repeats the same arguments in almost every thread that appears on this blog, how about giving the 21st century Scarlet Pimpernel his own wunderkind thread. Divert his rants to that thread so that they don't interrupt or stymie discussions of the actual topic under discussion.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, 2:29. Very helpful information. I recommend we regularly watch these settings to make sure they don't get changed back to allow guests and observers.

Anonymous said...

De Silentio responds

First – kudos to Bloggie for continuing to allow some substantive discourse to appear here – even if it is “off topic”.

This blog may be the only local venue where the REAL truth is allowed to occasionally bubble up to the surface – not just petty local and academic politics and the different narrow left wing or right wing agendas, spin and predigested pabulum of mainstream media and academia.

Yes there are countless academic blogs – but most of these involve extremely narrow and specialized academic disciplinary minutia and hair-splitting. Consequently they are visited by only a very few specialists and nobody in the “real” world is likely to ever see them.

De Silentio prefers to stand back and try to get the big picture in focus and possibly get the word out and inspire one or two people who possess the necessary understanding to “get it” AND the wherewithal to “pay it forward” by wielding the influence necessary to facilitate some true positive change.

Re Anon 2:34


A university blog is hardly the place to discuss things like REAL critical thinking or the REAL deconstruction of the fundamental dynamics of political and philosophical delusion and deception.

We wouldn’t want anybody to REALLY think about any of this stuff, or educate themselves, or acquire any real understanding about how to live better, happier more productive lives and maybe REALLY make the world a better place by seeing through all the nearly impenetrable smoke and mirrors of leftist and rightist academic politics, philosophy, religion, political correctness, propaganda, “education”, “research”, pop culture etc.

We might accidentally REALLY solve some of the world’s problems as opposed to perpetually blowing theoretical academic smoke.

Far better to stick to the truly important matters at hand – like, um, calling Jacobs a poop head…

Academic courses, textbooks and reading lists are all carefully vetted by the predominantly leftist academic Commissars of the various disciplines and departments (nationally through academic associations etc. and locally by deans, department chairs and professors – who have themselves all been carefully groomed and vetted by their own long and arduous academic “training” – read indoctrination and brainwashing – which effectively culls any true independent thinking from the herd and endeavors to allow only USDA Grade-A Academic Conformists to pass through the Ph.D. corral chute and into the verdant pastures of tenure).

Academic journals are likewise vetted by “peer review” – and nobody reads them anyway.

True peer review would involve something like an academic Moot Court where every paper submitted, whether for reading at an academic conference or publication in an academic journal, was subjected to the most rigorous cross-examination by a knowledgeable and effective academic “prosecutor”, whose job and reputation depended on his or her ability to seek and find the cracks in the armor of the proposed paper, by any means necessary.

Only then, after all possible countervailing evidence had been duly presented to the “court” by the academic prosecutor would the merits of the paper or study be adjudicated by an unbiased jury of academic peers.

Instead, the most absurd academic “research” and “studies,” or “theories” – particularly in the humanities and social sciences – are routinely rubber-stamped by partisan academic “peer review” bureaucrats and thence fed into the mainstream politically correct machine of public consciousness as “truth”.


Anonymous said...

De Silentio responds (cont.)

Even traditionalist Great Books reading lists like Harold Bloom’s Western Canon or Mortimer Adler’s Great Books have been selected and edited by leftist academics.

For all his learning and erudition, Adler (the Encyclopedia Britannica editor and architect of the University of Chicago’s legendary Great Books program) was nonetheless a classic leftist true believer – as is Bloom.

The only other place you are likely to see anything resembling the unpoliticized unvarnished truth is in books that are either obscure, or have been vehemently vilified and pronounced effectively “banned” by frothing left-wing or right-wing ideologues who “can’t handle the truth”.

If by de Silentio’s “repeating the same argument” you mean saying in effect “hey, don’t be stupid – look at this carefully” while touching at one time or another, albeit of necessity briefly, on virtually every substantive topic in contemporary science and academic scholarship – then de Silentio must plead guilty.

Your humble servant,


Anonymous said...

Here's a link to the "official" rationale behind the BB syllabi issue:

When this directive was deliverd to me the source was identified as Jacobs. In the UT News, however, it states that it is Pryor's innovative idea. Morover, the UT News article states Pryor is "asking" faculty to post syllabi and but when it was first delvied to me it was an order and Monday was the deadline.

Anonymous said...

Dear your humble servant,
No one is trying to silence you. I for one would like your conversation to take place within its own thread. This would allow you to have a conversation rather than merely interrupting a conversation. It is not about free speech. It is about respect. Please don't interrupt. Bloggie, could we start a thread for that particular line of conversation?

Anonymous said...

Recent sighting of Zelig as Sargeant Schultz?

Anonymous said...

Regarding BB guest access:
my students can't see what I have put if they login as under their names (as students), yet they can see it if they login as GUEST.

Anonymous said...

Not to cause any alarm, but just walking through the main campus and eating at the student cafeteria, I have the impression that there are much less students around, compared to three/two years ago. Does anyone have the same impression? Perhaps the enrollment is down more than 9 %...

Anonymous said...

"Fire Ben and the Gang of 12."

I love the rich discourse on postmodernism and the undeserved association with this Ben+12.

True, postmodernism is associated with communication technologies (like Twitter) that are directly responsible for the devolution of narratives to 140 characters. This is not to say the everything about postmodernism and popular culture is anti-intellectual. But when the corporate dictionary filled with the kind of buzzwords you have read in these blogs much earlier this year, there is concern that the whole intellectual framework is also limited in minds like Pryor who was granted leadership of departments (e.g., library) whose domain he neither effing understands nor respects. I feel for all his servile subjects...

This morning (and months ago), NPR aired a report on Apple and Foxconn -- the company that disregards workers' human rights...kinda what the Jacobs dictatorship is doing with UT faculty and staff. We should boycott iPad and the corporate abuses it represents. Let Pryor know that he is investing in the kind of corporate abuses of Foxconn by converting his "empire" at UT into something that justifies or even blesses that kind of hubris. He should be promoted to CEO of Foxconn and be transported to some communist or socialist country for good! This will be his reward for evangelising iPad in a free market where every product should shine. Instead, he is leading a command economy (in a university with a business model that rewards useless administrators for failing: Ovwigho, Gold, Jacobs, Scottsborough, Pryor, etc.).

Anonymous said...

Garbage in, garbage out:

Anonymous said...

The "fair and balanced" liberal media continues its record of covert and overt bias and censorship.

The new Dinesh D'Souza documentary film "2016: Obama's America" is deliberately not listed on Yahoo's internet movie listings site.

Another example of Big Leftist Brother Yahoo et al. "editing" your intellectual and political decisions and choices for you:

Anonymous said...

Re Anon 1:07

How interesting that Zelig a.k.a. Sgt. Schultz a.k.a. Professor Previous should cite Rate My Professor.

See the following post for a related scholarly article on Professor Previous, Ph.D. - with attached photo.

Anonymous said...

…Subsequently on Professor Previous, PhD: Dr. Sheldon Cooper and the Skittles Accelerator Permutation

Recent news from the alternative universe…

It is widely known that the mercurial and Peter Pan-like Professor Previous has been entertaining the kiddies for years with dazzling classroom displays of Cirque du PoMo smoke and mirrors special effects – all of which have made him quite popular with at least some students.

The following comment about Professor Previous from (duly verified by our elite team of in-house scholars and fact-checkers) came to our attention via fan mail from some flounder:

“This is the coolest man alive. He is hilarious and a genious (sic). I dropped a skittle in the middle of class it bounced around on the floor he stopped teaching turned around said... "was that a skittle?" then ran across the room grabbed it off the floor and ate it. Awsome class you do learn things.”

Well, isn’t that just special.

For all you grown-ups out there, Skittles are apparently (according to the Internet) a popular brand of sugary sweet, corpuscular, fruit-flavored, rainbow-colored hard candy.

As evidenced by the above-cited Rate My Professor review, Skittles also possess remarkable kinetic bouncing properties, which the youngsters (young and old alike) seem to find particularly mesmerizing.

Perhaps Skittles could serve as a useful heuristic for physics instructors trying to explain the properties of solids, liquids and gasses to first year students.

Skittles could even fuel quantum computers, or open wormholes to infinite parallel universes.

The possibilities are endless.

Skittles certainly seem to have helped the karma chameleon career of Dr. Previous, who has since been curiously catapulted to the vaunted position of Sub-Pooh-Bah and Vice-Something-Or-Other of What-Not.

All of which naturally leads us to speculate as to whether Skittles might indeed be the long-suspected secret weapon of The Powers That Be – the only inducement needed whenever they deem it necessary to dispatch the likes of the time-warp masked marauder, Dr, Previous, on another improbable quixotic adventure of academic and administrative derring-do.

So as we head into the critical final months of preparation leading up to this year’s Comic-Con, let these disturbing revelations serve as a formal grim warning to Dr. Sheldon Cooper (photo attached) – as well as Batman and the rest of the Marvel Comics Justice League – that they can all expect to face serious competition from the dreaded Skittles Accelerator Death Ray and Foucauldian Force Fields of their nemesis, Dr. Previous.

Link below to photo of Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Ph.D.: "The guy is one lab accident away from being a supervillain."

Anonymous said...

One of the comments made after the article is particularly interesting:

"Kevin, Thanks for this update. We might keep in mind that the University of Toledo has gone through two decades of unique restructuring. Many years ago one of its campus leaders called me about its presidential search. Though flattered, I passed, not really considering myself a viable candidate at that point in my career, nor a desire to leave Indiana Wesleyan Univ. Then without missing a beat, he asked, "Would you be interested in our Provost position?" Though more of a fit at that time, I declined. Then, "How about Dean of . . ." He proceeded to share about the tumultous situation Toledo was going through. It appears that a brilliant professor had been promoted through the ranks to the presidency, then he removed professional administators and replaced them with steller scholars/academics. Yes, like the Platonic model of philosopher kings I suppose (and curiously, Toledo thought it could reach R1 status?). In short, if my sources are correct, the whole thing imploded and they were replacing a host of administrators. In time, I believe they hired a wonderful president from Alaska. Next came the merger with the Medical school, which some think was brilliant and the salvation of the school (which had curiously thought it could reach R1 status?). The biggest challenge in the Scarborough appointment, if it happens, is indeed accrediting logistics, curricular vision, and respect from faculty--the key consituency here. But the real issue, at least from those of us in the humanities camp, is just that, who is the defender of the ultimate life questions? Of the liberal arts foundation already compromised (or at least diminished) in a medical school-ish major university? A. Kronman begged this question of the more traditional schools, which is all the more acute for quasi-professional curricula. Andrew Delbanco's new book is also germane here. I can only assume that President Jacobs, and perhaps the Board, finds Scaborough to be one of those rare renaissance professors with such humanities interests and capabilities that complements his strong organizational skills. I know of a few such individuals who are certainly in much demand in this new economy. Best wishes to Toledo, and another unique institution nearby (also w an important place in the region), Owens Community College. Jerry Pattengale."

Anonymous said...

Check out the other responses that follow the article.

Here is the Ohio taxpayer funded Jacobs flunky response. In other words, the response was written by a UT PR operative whose job involves writing pro Jacobs responses on sites that might receive national media attention.

"I commend the President for taking a bold step. There has been a long history of reserving some positions in higher education institutions that only faculty members are allowed to hold. It must change. The prevailing notion among faculty members that non-faculty members do not have the needed intelligence and innovation to accomplish institutional goals must be discarded. Top university positions are always given only to faculties. No matter how accomplished and successful a non-faculty administaror is, his/her rise in university ranks is limited. I belive it is long over due that non-teaching staff are considered for high level positions such as Provosts and Presidents."

Anonymous said...

Re the quotation cited by Anonymous 7:52 ~

Gag me with a Skittle!