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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The New Era Begins: The Reign of Truth & Beauty


Anonymous said...

The US News and World Report hospital rankings are out.

UTMC is tied with St. Vincent for "most high-performing specialties" in the region.

Nice, but the US News rankings just don't seem to address the pressing concerns about safety raised by other organizations. It's like much of American health care: great if you have a lot of resources and need specialized care; sketchy if you're a regular schmoe who needs a routine operation.

Nuances aside, I'm sure the senior "leadership" team is going to run with this result and proclaim "best hospital in the region" from the hills yet again.

Anonymous said...

Did you retire or resign?

Bloggie said...

merely resigned.

Anonymous said...

We should all read the responses by the UT administrators carefully regarding the UTAAUP newsletter critiques of the management of the hospital and the poor rankings in consumer reports. What the UT administrators have done in their attempts to address the Consumer Report findings is to admit their own failings. They have now, after the fact, admitted that the hospital had problems: "It has been no secret that during the past several years we have been working hard to change the culture of the institution [MC]." And who was in charge at the time this negative data was collected? and who was in charge that led to the "culture" that they now claim to have been trying to fix?

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that -- based on a Google News search -- two of the local teevee stations ran reports about UTMC's safety problems, but "One Of America's Great Newspapers" did not.