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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

HLC Advance Team

Administrators Accrediting Administrators. Shown Here
Preparing to Interview Faculty.


Anonymous said...

It has always been thus. Has it always been illegitimate? Would you take a job at an unaccredited institution to ensure that the taint of administrator evaluators did not besmirch your reputation?

This blog makes clear reputation is important to you.

Anonymous said...

Now that this is past us, do you think it has put a dent in the greed of Jacobs, Inc. If McMillen's departure is the smoke (although it was anticipated), rest assure that there will be fire. One of the hotspots is the library, which we have lost to COIL -- now we are leasing it from them while there is still a floor left for the remaining books (soon to be replaced by more of what you see on the first and second floors.

If you had caught up on the "Occupy Education" movement, perhaps there might be "Hands across our universities" here at UT and other campuses in similar predicament. They might call the National Guard, you know, including those ROTC dogs on campus, but dictators have also lost their kingdoms when trying to break the human chain.

What do you think, UT-AAUP? You collect fees, now we should collect on your promises and representations. Show us if "right to work" is good or bad for Toledo and Ohio...