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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Visionary Leadership


Anonymous said...

Student Loan Debt Is Now the Second Largest National Household Debt After Home Mortgages:

Student Loan Debt Has Climbed Over 500% Since 1999 – a 6-fold increase (compared to only a 3-fold increase in mortgage loans over a similar period during the housing boom and bust):

Obama Announces Student Loan Rescue Program –

More of your hard earned tax dollars at work propping up an unsustainable liberal education system and helping “re-distribute” wealth in the form of government-subsidized bribes to underwrite the Obama re-election campaign:


“The trouble with socialism is, sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.” – Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, citing the great Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek’s book, ‘The Road to Serfdom’.

And that’s exactly where we’re at now, folks. WE have run out of OPM (other people’s money).

Anonymous said...

Student loans are the No. 2 source of U. S. household debt after home mortgages according to the White House.

Obama calls for government backed relief and refinancing of student loan debt.

Obama’s Notes to Self:

1) Ignore the impending national debt default and raise the U. S. debt ceiling;

2) Accept the first national credit rating downgrade in history and continue borrowing from the Chinese (or Sicilian Mafia if necessary);

3) Use trillions in taxpayer money we don’t have (remember to tell the Fed to keep the printing presses running) to buy-off youth, women, minorities, public sector and other core Democrat voting blocks by:

A) Trying short term unsustainable delay tactics and appeasement fixes of the government-caused home mortgage and student loan and unemployment and healthcare catastrophes;

B) Blaming everything on George Bush, the Tea Party and Sarah Palin.

4) Go to fancy fundraisers with Democrat Wall Street, Washington, Hollywood, Media and Academia millionaire and billionaire power elites.

5) Take lots of presidential vacations – play golf, basketball, etc. – pose for photo ops, etc.

6) Win re-election in 2012.

7) During second term, continue bankrupting the U.S.A. with unsustainable liberal policies – play basketball with friends.

8) Leave office in 2016 (unless Libs have managed to pass Constitutional Amendment allowing me to rule for life). Ride off into the sunset, write my memoirs and let coming generations suffer the consequences of my presidency.

9) Watch contentedly from my retirement mansion in Chicago as the U. S. finally sinks into total oblivion.

10) Find comfort in knowing I played a vital role working on the inside in realizing the culmination of Marxist dreams – the downfall of capitalism and America.

Anonymous said...

Reagan 8 years, Bush Sr 4 years, Clinton 8 years, Bush Jr 8 years, Obama for not even 3 years.

Republicans have had a clear majority in the House for the last year and have enough votes in the Senate to scuttle any legislation they don't like.

Yes somehow Obama is to blame for everything, including nothing being done, and somehow he managed to ruin everything in the year or so he was President and his party had cotrol of both houses.

These days he can't get a bill stating the sky is blue passed in Congress.

Makes comeplete sense.

The current American political morass is starting to resemble Ancient Rome's Gracchi period. Maybe the humanities do have something we could learn from.

Anonymous said...

Bloggie, I am very glad to see that you are a fan of "Honest Abe" Lincoln, who was known to be an animal lover--so much so, that he had a mole on his cheek.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it worth pointing out to the poster that a 400% growth in student loan debt occurred before Obama took office? And that the 500% growth since 2001 mirrors the declines in state funding support to public colleges during the period, in both Democratic and Republican controlled state governments during that period, resulting in the need for students to turn to federal student loans, and not just since January 2009. Do the Republicans have any ideas for making higher education move affordable, the student debt crisis, and the federal deficit besides cutting taxes for the wealthy and blaming Obama? Just wondering......

Uggie said...

I wonder how much bonus the mole gets? Is he now in charge of DL?

Anonymous said...

Nah, he is looking for the books in the Library that we used to have.

Anonymous said...

Toledo area poverty rate worst in U.S.

'Extremely poor' in region jumped 15.3% since 2000

Welcome to the 21st century world of Mad Max.

Thank you liberal politics, Obamanomics and hip-hop “culture.”

Keep up the great work, you gangstas!

Vote for Marcy Kaptur and Barack Obama!

Vote NO on Issue 2!

Recall Kasich!


Some guy said...

Here's to the continuing power of AFSCME, CWA, and AAUP! *clink*

I hope, perhaps too optimistically, that Ohio voters have given ole' Jake something to think about.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Already he is thinking about abolishing the Faculty Senate.

Anonymous said...

Why abolish the Senate? It is irrelevant and provides a facade for shared governance.

Anonymous said...

He abolished the Arts and Sciences Council. And the Senate still has the potential do say or do something that matters. It is a threat and doesn't worship Jake, at last not all of the Senate.

Anonymous said...

Now the fat is in the fire... The leader of the gang of 12 is now the Interim Dean of LLSS. If you thought things were bad before, you haven't seen anything yet.

Anonymous said...

Apocalypse now!

Bear witness, for She is but the Earthly manifestation of the Eternal Divine Feminine!

Lo! She smiteth the Infidel Tribes of Enlightenment Science and Intellectual Excellence and layeth waste unto the Sons of Sophia.

It is She who selecteth of the chaff of enslaved entitlement and discardeth of the wheat of self-reliant liberty – Ecce Mulier!

Woe unto Ye – O Academia – who have wandered aimlessly these Forty Years in the wilderness of Marxist Feminist Postmodern Political Correctness!

Behold! The Promised Land of the Tenured Radical!

The Land which floweth bountifully with the milk and honey of Affirmative Action and bringeth forth the plentiful fruits of Title IX reverse discrimination and the unsustainable incoherence of leftist redistributive entitlements and socio-political ideology!

Rejoice! For the End Time of the glorious Marxist Apocalypse is close upon us – when the Ivory Tower of Babel shall be brought low and when many shall be called out from The Wasteland, but few shall be chosen.

Then shall it come to pass that the Sons of Man, though they may labor mightily against totalitarian leftist groupthink and socialist economic theory – Bolshevik Red in tooth and claw – yet shall there be much gnashing of teeth and rending of garments among the Peoples of the West – and their God-forsaken lives shall be solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.

Anonymous said...

Unbeilevable drivel !

Wham Bham, TYM said...

Indeed, the Singing Bush incarnate.