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Friday, July 29, 2011

UT Art Appreciation Week


Contributed by a gifted anonymous psychoanalytically perspicacious artist.

This is an interactive exercise! Your job is to say what is happening in each frame!

(Click on image to enlarge.)


Anonymous said...


Monday = robot workforce returns to the Edge of Insanity

Tuesday = provosts report which shells now hides the peas

Wednesday = pretty much speaks for itself

Thursday = pink slips along the road to retirement

Friday = The Great Escape

Anonymous said...

Monday: "Dude, is this rocket launch?"

Tuesday: "This isn't Arts and Sciences anymore. We're now the College of Brooding and Recrimination."

Wednesday: "Sustainable solar power...*gasp*...just over this hill...."

Thursday: The Human Condition

Friday: "Luuv those Fridays at Libby Hall *hic*"

Anonymous said...

Groundless rumor #497: The University of Toledo just missed the cut for the 2011 Chronicle of Higher Education's annual "Great Colleges to Work For" list.

Anonymous said...

Monday: When the BOT and other administrators meet: no legs to stand on, crazed look on their faces, teetering on the edge.

Tuesday: Emblematic of UT faculty, staff, and students, doomed to wander the halls of academia darkened by idiotic administrators and their decisions.

Wednesday: Pictorial representation of the future definition of a UT PhD: Piling it Higher and Deeper; symbolic of the future value of UT degrees in general.

Thursday: The narrow bridge over the abyss leading from who knows where to nowhere; for most of us, the future (of our jobs) at UT.

Friday: Driving away from quality in education as the sun sets, the glare of self-importance blinding the driver; a glorious UT campus is in the rearview mirror, reminding us of better days in the past.