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Monday, February 28, 2011

Jacobs Administration: Running on Fumes


Anonymous said...

We the (People) Giant Corporations of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect (Union) Pig Trough, establish (Justice) Perpetual Bailouts, insure domestic (Tranquility) Passivity, provide for the common (defense) Bewilderment, promote the general (Welfare) Sense of Cynicism and Helplessness, and secure the Blessings of (Liberty) Socialism for the Rich to ourselves and our Posterity Key Executives, do ordain and establish this Constitution Version 2.0 for the United States of America ...

Of the banks, by the banks and for the banks.

Jacobs is only implementing this at a very local level for his fat cats buddies.

And speaking of fat cats and how they destroyed American Representative Democracy, have a look at this 10 minutes presentation
by Stanford professor of law Lawrence Lessig.

Anonymous said...

The Lessing piece is wonderful thank you for sharing. I encourage everyone to watch it.

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous 12:07 pm, thank for the appreciation of the video by Lessig and for widespreading it. The funny thing is that I am not American and not only I see this formerly great country in an extremely serious state of disrepair, but also lead by blind arrogant leaders. I think also that "administration" in general should fear the "administered" and not vice versa.
I am not very confident about the future... unless people get really upset and take the pitchforks there won't be any real positive change, only a more blatant kakistocracy-plutocracy.