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Saturday, November 20, 2010

I'm impressed!

Note how Jake's propaganda machine exploits every opportunity! This, from a fortune cookie at Ipoh Szechuan & Cantonese, corner of Byrne and Dorr.


Anonymous said...

I bet if you turn it over, you can learn to say "We're screwed" in Chinese.

Anonymous said...

The benefits of online! Why limit yourself to online classes like the retro Learning Venture is suggesting?
It’s not just for classes anymore!

Your university’s games are increasingly available live, and online.

Recent studies show that students who watch football and basketball games online do just as well, or better, than students who watch face-to-face. On every parameter – excitement, inebriation, school pride – results suggest that, as with their education, students lose nothing in quality — and indeed maybe gain in quality — by watching games online.

There’s every reason why, in a trend parallel to the onlining of American university education, we should be seeing an onlining of university sports. Universities will save hundreds of millions of dollars in stadiums, tailgate cleanups, etc. And – most importantly – students who are too shy to paint their faces and cheer in public will finally be able to take part in this campus experience.

This would a great way to save monnies dear President Jacobs!

Bloggie said...

This was sent by a reader in reference to the comment #2 by Anonymous 6:56:

. . . the second comment to the fortune cookie fortune ‘borrows’ a couple of paragraphs from the blog University Diaries, , without any attribution.

Anonymous said...

Everyone seems to have been aware of Xunlight's new plant near Shanghai except UTNews apparently:

One part of the article reads: "Xunlight didn't publicize the Chinese operations because 95 percent of the company's capital expenditures, including all of its research and development, are based in Toledo, the CEO said."

Hmmm. My feeling is that if UT chose to shift money to Xunlight instead of investing in Arts & Science College, they made gargantuan blunder. Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

This is awful. Why should UT be using Ohio and US tax payer dollars to research and develop products that will be made in Chinese factories? Let the Chinese do their own damned research and pay for it themselves! Once again, businessmen, the administrators make out like bandits and the worker is left with nothing.